Phone Listings From Area Code 414-336 State Of Wisconsin

  • Area Code : 414-336
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Ameritech Wisconsin
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Milwaukee
  • County: Milwaukee

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Latest Comments for 414-336

August 28 7:53 am
Per above re a spoofedcaller ID showed, in call waiting, Cisco Webex. I did not pick up as I was on another call. However, if they are trying to trick us, they are using the name of a mega corporation!Think Danial has got it exactly right in his post re his experience in questioning caller. I am in CA and get at least 5 calls a week and a few snail mails a month for companies selling solar systems even though I am on the Do Not Call and Do Not Mailregistries, which they ignore! They also flagrantly ignore multiple polite requests to be removed from their lists. They of course, almost always hide ID with out of area, private caller, or even use a phoney name as this company does. This has been going on for over a year and now falls under harassment! I once heard that if complaints are filed with proper State/Fed agencies, these companies are subject to fines of $Ks, That is if anyone has time or energy to pursue. Has anyone tried or does anyone have info in filing complaint?

August 1 9:49 pm
I have been receiving a $50 check every 2 weeks from this Payment Processing Center for about 4 months now. My brother is using them to pay off a loan from me. He has it set up to where the $50 is withdrawn from his paycheck. Neither one of us has had any problems. Sounds like someone is using them or just their information to pull off some sort of scam.In most cases these checks are good and not a scam. (How can it be a scam if you are getting money?) In most cases, the REAL senders name is on the left side of the check and reason for the check will be below their name.I myself dont feel safe using this method to pay my own bills. But if someone else uses them to pay YOU, then youre safe. You can (and should) always ask your bank if the check(s) you receive are good before trying to cash them.If someone is sending you these checks and then want you to forward the money onward to someone else, or perhaps back to them, then it is a scam. But if you receive them with no explanation, then most likely they are good.

July 29 12:26 pm
Received several calls says I am sending out virus alerts from my computer how would he know which computer as I have several that I use has to be a scam

August 25 12:14 am
Right on thats what it is, they found a way to hide their real number. Go to A Guide to Common Scams and how to Protect Yourself.

August 29 7:51 am
These people are selling forged certificates of high school deceive people and do not provide them any thing by using a sweet words, a friend of mine fall through their lies in their ropes and lost 250 dollars after deceived him by introduced him to a placebo exam on a placebo site and they said he has been pass successfully and we will send you a certificate by mail and he lost his money

August 8 10:35 pm
Another note here from a would be victim of Card Processing Services. They called me today, were very rude to our receptionist, misrepresented themselves to me and were generally liars. Avoid these guys like the plague.

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