Phone Listings From Area Code 413-548 State Of Massachusetts

  • Area Code : 413-548
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon New England Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Leverett
  • County: Franklin

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Latest Comments for 413-548

July 26 2:05 pm
Thanks Annoyed for the info. I live in Madison Heights and recognized it as a local call, but never answeredl. I now know to block this call.

August 22 5:00 am
Please do not assume that 800Notes creates a magical portal to your nuisance callers, who know instantly which of your numbers to avoid. Thank you.

August 5 1:27 am
Called twice this morning and left no message.

July 11 4:45 am
To stop the calls just put this number in your call block list this way 000 000-0 this will stop all of those kind of calls.

August 26 9:39 am
Text advertising for a compnay that buys junk cars (305-647-9525)

August 14 12:31 pm
Omg! All I did was ask for a dxxx brochure and they call everyday back to back. I have spoke to someone already and supposed to talk again on Monday. So why are they calling me tonight at almost 8pm. What a turn off and I'm no longer interested. Wow! Didn't know an old friend worked there,but she found out I inquired, then she started calling me. But was sounding irritated because I wasn't returning her staff's calls. Nope won't get my money or time.

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