Phone Listings From Area Code 413-206 State Of Massachusetts

  • Area Code : 413-206
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Ctc Communications Corp. Ma
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Easthampton
  • County: Hampshire

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Latest Comments for 413-206

July 23 7:00 pm
Do you realize that her reversed charges end up costing us money in the aggregate? is only true if the card companies cannot claw money back from the scammer. Clawback is probable in this case IMO because the scam appears to be ongoing. EVERYTHING the credit card companies and the banks do costs us money in the aggregate. Thats how all financial companies handle $fines, $fraud, court $judgements, $whatever -- as a cost of doing business. They simply raise interest rates to raise the $amount needed to cover $fines, $fraud, court $judgements, $whatever.

August 19 6:44 am
I dialed an 800 number thinking it was some company number I was trying to reach. When they answered they said I had won 100 dollars and they needed my account number thinking it was the company I gave it to them and I also asked them if it was the company I was trying to reach and they said yes they kept me on the phone switching me around to two different people I had an odd feeling about it and so I hung up and called my bank and closed my account they called me back 10 times using this 000-000-0 number and when I answered finally I told them I didnt want any thing they cursed at me and said I had closed my account I think they are scammers be careful

July 13 12:04 pm
Admin Edit: Its a SUSPECT message!_Ive had an inexpressible experience in the University & finally a faculty member.Life couldnt have been better. There are a lot of rival institutions that are trying hard to defame the reputation but alas .. better luck next time!

August 20 5:38 pm
Same as what people are saying....there's some banging noises and then a recording in spanish.

July 22 10:43 am
annoyingly calls over and over. hangs up as voicemail picks up so I've got a voicemail with nothing.

August 13 10:18 am
Does anyone know who owns this number?

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