Phone Listings From Area Code 412-941 State Of Pennsylvania

  • Area Code : 412-941
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Canonsburg
  • County: Washington

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Latest Comments for 412-941

August 5 5:59 am
There are so too many scammers in this time and age we need to get back to them and control them !!

August 6 6:59 pm
i just recieved a call from these scammers. listen folks all you have to do is contact your local f.b.i. office and report them. i believe the f.b.i. has a special task force to handle scammers like this-good luck!

July 19 10:33 am
But, if you believe youre receiving these automated collection calls in error, you can contact customer service and they can actually set up a case to have you removed from their dialier list. A lot of times their automated dialier is just calling a number in error. And the number that youre receiving calls from is ATTs Receivables Management department so it doesnt seem like a scam at all.Its NOT a scam. Unless they are SPOOFING the number, which is real. Just because a call coming in says it is a certain number does not mean it is.

August 24 12:09 am
Received a text message from asking me to call this number after earlier (~3 hours) asking me in another message to call (704) 218-9991 which is apparently a scam purporting to be from Bank of America.

August 21 10:48 pm
This number was listed in an email I received asking me to be a "Secret Shopper"

July 15 2:25 pm
Received a call but would not leave a message. Receiving calls from multiple numbers.

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