Phone Listings From Area Code 409-925 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 409-925
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Gtesw Dba Verizon Sw Inc.tx
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Santa Fe
  • County: Galveston

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Latest Comments for 409-925

July 17 7:01 am
Hi Elizabeth...I to took a chance on this deal back in 2007 and purchaed one of Dan Ryans cabins. I ran across these replys by trying to find an email for him only to send him pictures of my completed project. The cabin was shipped to me down in Jewett, Tx back in 2007. They even helped me stack the logs into my barn. The cabin I chose was a 24 x 24 project that took me aprox 3 yrs to build mostly on weekends. It turned out quite well if I do say so myself. I am no carpenter and built the cabin totally by myself. I can show you, or anyone a picture who might want to see. It is a project I would probably never do again though, but it was a learning experiance. We use this cabin as a get away on our ranch, and a hunting cabin and my friends and family love it!!! I never had no problems with the deal with Dan, but was suspicious all the way. The coloring on my logs looked to be fairly new cuts and this made me think if these so called kits had been cut earlier for a resort that was going out of business they would probably be a bit weathered if these kits were laying around some where outside. I suspected and still do his operation might consist of a timber mill some where after all these years of seeing his ads in several states, but that is my opinion. As for as im concerned I got what I paid for and what he promised and happy with what I got. I also have to say these are not kits in any way, but only cut oak logs. You get so called plans of a sort that give simple instructions on a way to put these logs together and the rest is pretty much up to you. His email is evasive, and you would think he would advertise in cyber space of more detailed info and pictures of his so called log cabin kits. It would only enhance his business, but that is his business! If anyone has an email address I to would like to have it just to send him pictures of my finished project.

July 26 11:50 am
I have been registerd with that site ever since it came about...and renewed when they said that it needed to be renewed.I still get dozens of calls a week.with caller ID, if I dont recognize the number, I dont answer...they let it ring exactly 4 times and hang up .most dont leave any message. The list is useless.

August 27 11:53 am
Sonic cant be contacted at the moment hang up and try again lata

July 12 4:10 pm
This number called mycell and let no message. Idon' t know who this is.

July 17 12:12 pm
As I just responded to someone above .....

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