Phone Listings From Area Code 408-991 State Of California

  • Area Code : 408-991
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Pacific Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Sunnyvale
  • County: Santa Clara

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Latest Comments for 408-991

August 27 3:52 pm
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July 22 1:12 am
I called backed after they didnt answer 1st time and asked if i could get some indian [***]!

August 16 10:46 pm
This number does not belong to pranking kids. It belongs to a gang who are affiliated with the crime called organized stalking. OS (organized stalking), also called gangstalking, is all over North America. If you get odd calls, please do look up organized stalking in case you have been targeted. Its a serious crime.Mary LamontWest Coast Respite House For Victims Of Organized Stalking

July 13 12:37 pm
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July 19 5:47 am
This number is from Ft. Myers and is a company called all american alarm. After get a call from this number trying to give me an alarm I called i back to find out who it was and they answered ALL AMERICAN ALARM. They must be hurting for sales to be telemarketing.

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