Phone Listings From Area Code 406-233 State Of Montana

  • Area Code : 406-233
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Qwest Corporation
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Miles City
  • County: Custer

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Latest Comments for 406-233

July 25 12:18 pm
Beware!!!These people are relentless! Dont fall for their garbage. Theyve been calling our home number and cell phones off and on for about three months now. Just listen to their messages they leave claiming that they have a warrant or something bogus like that. Stating this is their final attempt before serving theses so-called documents. I called the number back and starting asking questions. I asked the guy (who answered the phone litigation) what the name of his company was and he said Litigation Services. I asked Litigation Services what?! He answered Litigation Services again. I then asked for the address of his so-called company. I asked him two times and he refused to answer. I told him that if he has some important legal papers to serve to do so. I told him he could follow the law and actually mail these so-called papers to my address. He said huh?. I told him that I was going to report him to the local authorities and not to contact this number harassing us ever again. By the way, I live in WA State. Not sure where these scammers are getting personal information from but God will take care of them for the fear they are creating in peoples lives. Shame on them.

August 23 8:21 pm
If you tell (and you really should send a letter) them not to contact you, then, by law, they cannot contact you by any means you tell them not to.

July 8 2:10 pm
I disagree with you and agree with him. The Red Cross has NO RIGHT to sell, trade or otherwise transfer OUR information we provide to them (required by them) in the course of making a donation as important as this is. IMHO - It is like giving away phone numbers of people who donate organs. The Red Cross is hurting THEIR OWN EFFORTS by this practice. THEY are hurting those in need of blood services NOT US.Btw, if you still disagree, post your name and number. I will call YOU every other Sunday night at 830M.

July 13 7:26 am
Dont know who it is or might be, its an out of town number and they have no reason to be contacting me

August 21 6:40 am
Got repeated calls from this this number very early this morning....enought to drive me nuts.  I'm pretty sure it's not a fax machine....its a call bot....they call random numbers until someone or a machine answers confirming that the line is "live" so they can sell the number.

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