Phone Listings From Area Code 401-827 State Of Rhode Island

  • Area Code : 401-827
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon New England Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: West Warwick
  • County: Kent

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Latest Comments for 401-827

August 23 1:25 am
Got a call from this number at 1:52 PM EST on my mobile phone. No message left.

August 10 2:21 pm
I do not answer numbers such as this. Did not take the call and blocked the number. I am so tired of this bologna and what does the Do Not Call registry mean? Absolutely nothing. Robo dailing; collection calls when I dont owe anyone; old collection debts when someone had my number years ago? Sold debts on accounts that statues of limitations have run out is my guess. Looking for someone who will fall for their spill. I have even been told by vm I owed the debt and call back or I would suffer severe legal ramifications. I called one back on a number other than my own and told them to bring it own. I live in Texas, would file a suit for treble damages and contact the AG. They hung up on me.There has been way too many of this going on in great lately. What I feel badly about are those whom fall for this.

July 24 5:54 pm
Thanks for the complaints listed. I did not answer and the caller did not leave a message.The number is now blocked on my phone!

August 13 1:46 am
I find it very disturbing that a longtime neighbor would get on the internet and deliberately slander a person as "having mental issues". Is the person living next door to 1125 W. Leisher in Cheyenne, WY even licensed to make such accusations? Because if you can't back it up with any kind of proof, don't post it. It may come back to bite you. Mind your own business and leave other people alone. If you have too much time on your hands and need something to keep busy, take up knitting but stay away from the internet.

August 6 2:00 pm
Daryl this too!

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