Phone Listings From Area Code 401-594 State Of Rhode Island

  • Area Code : 401-594
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Rnk, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Providence
  • County: Providence

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Latest Comments for 401-594

July 30 12:39 pm
The national do-not-call list is bullsh!+. In fact, it seems like if you put your # on there, they sell the damned list to companies! Total waste of time to put your # on the list.

July 28 2:45 am
Credit Card Interest Rate Scam.... Pressed 1 to talk to representative and when I did I asked them to remove me from the calling list and they hung up.... A$$ holes

August 27 3:00 am
I received a call from a guy with an accent  like he was from India who told me that I had a free grant  for around 6 or 7,000 dollars and I would only have to pay $200. That sounded kind of good to me. They were very kind and cordial in their speech and I fell for it. $5,451 later and I received absolutely NOTHING. This was from guys with the name of Jack Davis, Patrick Miller, Batt Robot, John Baker, Sandeep Maggo, Amarpal, Komal, and Kapil. I really would like to get my money back and get these guys in prison.

August 18 3:24 pm
This is definately a scam artist. I received a response to an ad from a person named Calos and gave me instructions to wire money etc...could smell a scam from the very beginning! He gave me this number as his contact number and is actually renting a house which is on the market for sale! BEWARE!

August 24 9:02 am
This is a phone number for Pinnacle financial group, a collection agency. They've called me before, using a "714" area code phone number-at six in the morning-alleging I owed a debt. "Provide documentation proving it." I said. None was ever received. What happens? I get a call from this number- at three in the afternoon on a friday. I should add that Pinnacle had, using the 714 area code phone number, a very bad habit of calling me twice a day (at least!) Every day, including sunday. After receiving a cease and desist order for the 714 phone number for not only repetitive and harassing-not to mention demeaning phone calls from the 714 number-i told agents at least three times I was disabled and unable to work after my bike got wrecked and was threatened with arrest for not paying bills-they try to pull this phone number switcheroo garbage.

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