Phone Listings From Area Code 401-316 State Of Rhode Island

  • Area Code : 401-316
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : New Cingular Wireless Pcs,...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Pawtucket
  • County: Providence

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Latest Comments for 401-316

August 21 2:07 pm
Is this [***] name Robert Bellamy?

July 9 5:58 pm
Thats weird. I just got a call/voicemail from a woman named Sharon (asking if I was interested in *mumble*) at that number.

July 28 1:06 am
Sounds like I got same call - But told him I did not have internet connection to my home computer (true) and did my internetting from the library. They have better spam control than what I could afford!

July 25 9:43 pm
collection agencies have a job to do. In some cases they buy the debt and make it theirs. Other cases they try repeatadly to get you to pay the company what you owe them. A $25 debt would never be something they would even bother pursuing by taking you to court but high debts are worth going to court over. It takes time (a lot of) to go to small claims court. Its a matter of how much money they will make by pursuing this debt. Like the tax man; no one likes them but they are doing their jobs. Bankruptcy is an option but those rules have been changed a couple of years back and it could be hard. I; for one, owe a great debt to CTC and whether they bought the debt from CTC or are collecting a percentage by harrassing me to pay the bill is irrelevant. Its my debt and they will work with you to make the payments easier. They are rude and they do harrass but it is not illegal. Its my debt and I should pay it.

July 5 1:49 pm
They are offering " extra cash for the holidays "

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