Phone Listings From Area Code 361-878 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 361-878
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southwestern Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Corpus Christi
  • County: Nueces

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Latest Comments for 361-878

August 29 12:21 am
canada here to guys chill out its a app for a ipod / iphone my friends use it to get free calling. i was freaked out to getting 5 back to back calls from this number but then a text from a friend saying answer your phone with them on it and explained its A APP stop this stupid its stalkers and gangs lol maybe its just because im canadain that i dont worry about this kinda stuff but really just chill out guys.

August 1 1:58 am
First one of these weird texts that have made me laugh. [email protected]: I have lost something. Would you let me look for it in your pants? text me 3479735815 ttyl babe talk l8 ??? ok

August 29 6:56 pm
SUSPECT A SCAM OF SOME SORT!!!I had the same experience with a call from 888-550-2488 on 12/30/14 just before 1:00 PM. They seemed to have some of my recent Verizon phone plan change information, but what they woman was saying and asking me to approve, a nebulous change of some sort, aroused my suspicion. When I challenged her authenticity explaining that I didnt understand and wasnt sure who she was, she persisted with some insistence and escalation confirming further my concerns for her legitimacy.I told I wanted something in writing and would approve no changes over the phone. She said I could call her back at this number. I did from another phone and was placed on hold after the recorded message giving the legitimate Verizon customer service number as listed on their website.The rep at the number above came on and I pressed her for who and where they are. They are a third party operation in Florida who may or may not be legitimate and or approved by Verizon. SUSPECT A SCAM OF SOME SORT!!!

August 26 4:02 pm
This number has just started on my cell phone. I have been getting abusive calls regarding loans at work. This number doesnt leave a message and an automated voice says something and hangs up. I couldnt understand it. once this starts then lots of other phone numbers call as well

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