Phone Listings From Area Code 361-583 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 361-583
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Awesome Paging, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Sinton
  • County: San Patricio

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Latest Comments for 361-583

August 7 11:00 am
Thanks Fast Loans America .they have helped me in my Hard time ,and lended me $6000.00

August 8 7:31 am
Its PayPal account services calling about a negative account balance...

August 2 4:48 pm
Report them: They continue to call you, tell them youll make a police report for extortion and that hyou know its a scam! Tell them loudly. Dont take any nonsense from them. If they sense you are weak or vulnerable for any reason, they will simply hammer you with more calls.These people are a group of white collar criminals who go around trying to extort money from people on the basis of false or questionable civil debt. Dont let them worry you and dont take any nonsense if they call you. Report them to the police for extortion and let them know thats what youll do. Tell em loudly.

August 3 5:20 am
Sounds like I got same call - But told him I did not have internet connection to my home computer (true) and did my internetting from the library. They have better spam control than what I could afford!

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