Phone Listings From Area Code 360-983 State Of Washington

  • Area Code : 360-983
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Mcdaniel Telephone Co.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Mossyrock
  • County: Lewis

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Latest Comments for 360-983

July 18 11:40 am
Call to my cell phone without leaving a message.

July 18 2:06 am
Landline or cell phone, it really doesnt matter what you have. If they want to scam you, theyll call on either phone. Scammers are persistant pests. Unfortunately unless your a tech whiz and can trace the call in an instant so that you can give the info to authorities, theres not much you can do. Theyll jump from number to number trying to find that gullible person that will believe them.Seriously people... if someone calls and says your comp or other electronic devices in your home is infect just tell them you dont have such a device or tell them it isnt their problem and hang up. The best thing to do is just hang up. Sometimes theyll give up or theyll call a few more times and then give up. Dont give them the chance to know it bothers you because they will keep on you until you give in.Remember... if youre not sure its legit then hang up and call the 1-800 number that usually comes with your devices and check with them. This way theyll know a scam is being reported and can warn others. Tell your friends and neighbors, etc... so theyll pass it on too.

August 4 8:24 am
National MS Societyhttp://www.nationalmssociety.org1-800-344-4867

July 10 1:26 pm
Didn't answer it. I suspected it as being a solicitation or telemarketer.

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