Phone Listings From Area Code 360-549 State Of Washington

  • Area Code : 360-549
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Global Crossing Local Servi...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Shelton
  • County: Mason

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Latest Comments for 360-549

July 26 12:47 am
Ill tell you whats so bad about this company,every single day i went to work to install kitchens i was frustrated about the company,either the electrician never showed when he was supposed to,the plumber wouldnt show either.Id call Kitchen Carolina to ask them why and all i got were voice mails of the project managers who were on the job.i drove to jobs 75 miles one way and had to leave 3 days in a row because the electrician never came.when i did finally get the project manager it was someone else because the original PM was fired or quit..At one point they owed me over 4 thousand dollars for work i had done, and thank god they paid me 2 weeks ago before this BS happened.They still owe me 1,700.00 dollars right now for work ive done and ill never see it.Every customer i dealt with were frustrated as hell because they were promised stuff and it never got delivered.the very first check they owed me they told me for 2 weeks it was mailed and made excuse after excuse about why it wasnt mailed that day.I cant believe all the hard working contractors like myself that are getting screwed by this company.I am also going to Graham small claims court and putting a claim in against them.Who i really feel sorry for are the customers who are left with half done kitchens with there floors half ripped up. Rob SELFORS is meeting in charlotte right now with armstrong kitchens in a conference room.i spoke to armstrong kitchens yesterday and was told that.

August 5 11:27 am
Your advice to call the number on the back of your card is sound advice, but this particular number is not legitimate, at least as far as my banking information is concerned. I made an online purchase one night and not five minutes after I finished the transaction, I received the automated call. Immediately suspicious, instead I called the 800 number on the back of my card - it wasnt one of my banks numbers and I was put through to the fraud department to verify that no one was trying to access my information.

August 3 5:54 pm
Sounds like I got same call - But told him I did not have internet connection to my home computer (true) and did my internetting from the library. They have better spam control than what I could afford!

August 30 4:38 am
They called about auto insurance quotes

August 25 7:04 am
I have asked this company to take my phone number off this account. This is my private cell phone, however, they keep calling it even though it is not my medical account they are trying to reach.

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