Phone Listings From Area Code 352-729 State Of Florida

  • Area Code : 352-729
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Deltacom, Inc. Fl
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Mount Dora
  • County: Lake

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Latest Comments for 352-729

July 12 3:34 am
Im registered with that no-call site & get no unwanted calls except from 000-000-0; 10-15 times a day.

July 22 10:38 pm
Heres 3 things you can do to torment them when you get a call:1. Tell them right away that you demand to speak with their supervisor. If a supervisor then answers, tell them that you are recording the phone call and you will use it in a harassment lawsuit against them. Ask them for their name, company name, etc. etc. 2. Or, ask them to hold on while you record the phone call in order to report them. Ask them for their name, company name, etc. etc.3. Or, SCREAM into the phone, then hang-up.

August 7 9:03 am
I received a very threatening phone call this morning from "Daniel Brown".  He said I should notify my employer that I would be arrested at work in the morning.  I work for a school district so this should be fun on a Saturday.  I'm glad I "Googled" this number because this joker would not answer any of my questions.  I plan to notify the Better Business Bureau as well as a friend of mine that works for the FBI.  My best friend is also an Attorney and she already has all this info.  Hopefully this "Crap" will stop or at least slow down a bit. This guy said if I gave him my debit card for $522.00  this would all go away.  Right??

August 20 2:22 pm
If you answer the phone and no-one is there? and you say "hello" and hear nothing at all; absolutely dead silence, My guess it's another scam too,

August 30 5:07 am
Just received my phone bill.  I have $10,000.00 in calls to this number.  No one is home at the time any of these calls are made.  AT&T is researching mine. Anxious to see what they tell me.  Said they can't tell me who it is because it's an international cell phone number.

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