Phone Listings From Area Code 337-314 State Of Louisiana

  • Area Code : 337-314
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Deltacom, Inc. La
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Lafayette
  • County: Lafayette

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Latest Comments for 337-314

August 3 12:41 pm
today oct 2 2012 exact same call from james grant of nichols and grant refering to page 15 of a packet sent to me or my place of employment this is a debt collection agency that bought a debt that was owed from a credit card;loan dept store whatever this collection agency will use whatever tactics they can to get you to pay the debt all they can do is call and harass you the best way to pay your debt is to recieve a credit report and do your own research and set up payments ignre all lies from nichols and grant because thats all they are;lies.unfortunately they are allowed to do that.

August 5 9:22 pm
Just got a text asking me to reply back to 5187235862 (written as, f1ve one eight seven two three five eight six two), although the actual text was sent from [email protected] Those last numbers are an IP address that traced back to the country of Mauritius! Dont reply! Just block the number and sleep well knowing theres a special place in hell for these scumbag spammers.

August 17 4:00 am
Caller identified himself as Mike, an auto insurance agent from Farmer's. I had not solicited any information from them and was asleep at the time of the call (I work nights.) I hung up on him. He immediately called back, I forwarded the call to voice mail, which earned me a nasty message calling me foolish and immature for hanging up, and further stating I had alot to learn about this world. He had threatening undertones and a "you need to learn a lesson" attitude.

July 7 11:21 am
Mr Perez left a msg saying calling about my resume I posted online but didn't say company calling from or position I appled for and from a Dade County number. I live in Palm Beach County, would't be looking for work in Dade County.

August 7 5:31 pm
Prerecording trying to selling reoccurring income.

August 19 1:00 pm
i got call from this number . may i know who is this?

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