Phone Listings From Area Code 336-456 State Of North Carolina

  • Area Code : 336-456
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Suncom Dba Tmobile Usa
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Greensboro
  • County: Guilford

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July 12 7:08 am
Who pays that amount with out a v.o.d ?

July 11 8:58 pm
Alright, Ive had enough of these scammers and Ill contribute in anyway possible to take them down. First and foremost, if you are receiving calls from some company in regards to a 2 year subscription, renewing the subscription, or saying that you ordered their advertising services that you have no memory of, you did not, no matter what they say or whatever sort of tactic they try to throw at you! You are completely innocent and owe them nothing! Absolutely nothing!Heres what theyre doing: Theyre calling small businesses throughout Canada about their advertising on google. Chances are, were all on google as thats probably how most people find you. Theyve posed as being from google adwords in the past which again, weve probably all used. Theyll say you need to complete your 2 year subscription, or sign up again, or pay the dues owed usually around $600. Theyll send you a bogus invoice(email and/or snail mail) and try to convince you that youve signed up and that the works already been done and that youll receive updates from google analytics to show you the progress. So heres the breakdown of the scam: Theyre probably registered as a business, but the first sign of the fraud is the terribly generic, un-creative name, its hard to trace as the terms they use are widely used by other companies which is the opposite of what any legit company would want, you want people to be able to find you and remember a unique name!! Theyll have a website with contact info and all that but this is where they work their magic...they make a profile of your business on their website, they make a blog which is just something they pulled from your website as part of your profile. They then proceed to post about your company on their facebook, twitter and google plus, all with links to the profile theyve made for you on their website, which will have links to your website and contact information(which all sounds good). But why would someone visit THEIR website to get details on your business? Noones ever hear of them!!The google analyitics updates that are being sent to you are based on the traffic to your profile listing on their website, NOT YOUR WEBSITE...the slimey part is, they can use bots or even their own employees to manipulate traffic to your profile on their website which is all fake and not at all organic in anyway but makes it seem as if their services are actually working for you. In this way, I guess technically theyve done the work but to absolutely no value to you. Everything that theyve done could take 5 minutes, if that! But they can manipulate that and you into thinking this is something that is working for you.Theyre very good at making it look legitimate but the only thing theyll try to pin you with is a recorded message stating you ordered their services(you didnt). Thats it! Chances are you have no documentation or invoice to say that ordered anything, even if they do send you an invoice, its fake and is simply part of the manipulation!Heres how the call goes: Theyll tell you that this portion of the message is being recorded and then ask you state your name(and sometimes spell it) theyll then ask if you are authorized to make purchases for the business and if you are, youll most likely state yes (all honest, harmless information) theyll then say something like thank-you for your order and well get the information to you shortly(something along these lines). Its nothing but manipulation! They probably wont ask you pay anything during that call, simply because you dont know youve supposedly ordered something it usually ends there and then they create your profile and post a link to said profile on their dead facebook pages etc. Once that work is done, theyll call you and demand payment and if you refuse, as you should due to never actually ordered this, theyll threaten collection agencies(which is actually them) or legal action. Yes, how dare you not pay a bill for something you never ordered!!!As hard as it is, dont fall for their persistence or constant badgering. report them to any anti-fraud website(BBB, etc). If you are called by: 1-855-432-5593, 1-514-940-1120, 1-866-358-3003 these numbers are believed to all be linked to the same scam, theyre also all tied to vague business names like: Local keyword directory, Canadian media pages, Canadian business pages online. Take any of the 3 numbers above and google them, youll find out that MANY people have been sucked into their lies!!!Fear not, theyve got nothing on you even if they claim they do. You have every right to tell them off and report them regardsless how deep the manipulation goes!

July 18 3:58 am
Then you need to tell them...not a discussion forum.

August 13 3:38 am
This caller called my phone, held it while I said hello multiple times, then hung up. It is a concern because I've been treated by cousins to keep me quiet about drug activities I caught them in.

August 22 9:25 pm
i missed a call from this number 3906612

July 24 4:46 pm
Keep getting recorded messages phone calls claiming to thank us for participating online surveys that no one in our household took.

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