Phone Listings From Area Code 334-464 State Of Alabama

  • Area Code : 334-464
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Cellco Partnership Dba Veri...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Enterprise
  • County: Coffee

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July 23 8:03 pm
My experience was very similar to the recent post by Ken:The number shows up on my call display as 1-940-759-4745, but did NOT give a name (such as VISA). I live in Canada, and thought that this seemed to be a US number. The caller claimed to be with the VISA fraud dept. and claimed that my card had been used for a $210 online purchase (Ebay) during the night. He had my home address and asked me to confirm it, then said that he needed me to recite my VISA number to him as confirmation, and that once I had done that the charge would be cancelled but that I was to stop using the card immediately. I pointed out that he must have the number so he could recite it to me. He said thats not how its done. That if I didnt recite it to him, the charge would not be cancelled. I pointed out that I had only his word for it that he was with VISA and that I would hang up and phone VISA myself and take care of it from my end. He said that I couldnt do that - that the charge would then go through automatically. I pointed out that I had had the card cancelled for a fraudulent charge in the past and that this was not the process at that time. He said there had been many changes in procedure. He kept mentioning that the call was being recorded for training purposes which initially made it seem authentic, but when he asked me for my card number I couldnt believe that the number would be on a training tape. His voice was heavily accented (Im not sure, but I dont believe it was a European accent) but he was easy to understand. There was a great deal of static on the line which he said he couldnt hear. It sounded to my ears as if he was using a cell phone. He told me I was not to use my card starting immediately, and that I would receive written confirmation in the mail from VISA in 2 days, which suggested to me that he was totally unfamiliar with Canada Post. Nothing arrives in 2 days!! When I refused to give him the credit card number, he then wanted me to go to my computer and he would help me shutdown the offending website where the charge had been made. I then asked him for the name of the fraud department at VISA so that I could (lookup the phone number myself) and call them. Next thing I know he has hung up - I suspect he must have decided to cast his net on the other side of the boat ! I hope his next victims are able to spot this fraudster for what he is, and I suggest you keep these people, (in fact ALL inbound telemarketer), on the line for as long as possible, before terminating the call. Perhaps when they have a few shifts with no sales (scams, that is), they might realize this isnt a good way to make a living.

August 4 3:58 am
Says I qualify for something bc of my great history with my credit card...but I DO NOT even HAVE a credit card. Then the lady got an attitude when I told her I didn't have a credit card and called her out on her BS scam call.

August 4 5:16 pm
they knew me. wouldnt say their name. creeper

July 22 4:35 pm
Its from Best Buy in Germantown

July 29 12:50 am
text messages from this number.

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