Phone Listings From Area Code 330-554 State Of Ohio

  • Area Code : 330-554
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Sprint Spectrum L.p.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Akron
  • County: Summit

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Latest Comments for 330-554

July 9 8:02 pm
Caller Id is Childrens Cancer. Of course, didnt answer.when will it end? Our privacy is being invaded inch by inch.

July 6 8:31 am
Agreed. This info is listed at: -- indicates the Goodyear, AZ locationLink to file complaint with the AZ Department of Real EstateBECAUSE OF THE HEAVY CALL VOLUME THAT WE RECEIVE THE FASTEST RESPONSE IS THROUGH TEXT. SEND A DETAILED TEXT FOR A FASTER RESPONSE 602-999-9004. IF YOU CALL YOU WILL BE ON HOLD FOR ABOUT 45 MIN SO TEXT US NOW AND WE WILL RESPOND IMMEDIATE. 602-999-9004 IF YOU DO NOT HAVE TEXT YOU CAN SEND AN EMAIL TO [email protected] WE WILL RESPOND TO EMAILS WITHIN 24 HOURSSEND A DETAILED TEXT FOR FASTEST RESPONSE. 602-999-9004*LOL, if a company is so busy they put you on hold for 45 minutes, sounds like they dont need MY business!I could not find a listing with the AZ Secretary of State for this company. Nor could I find any BBB listing for him.

July 30 8:40 pm
No...what probably happened was your mother was unclear of what she was hearing so she hung up and the TSR shot it off as a donation and when it got to verification and no one was there, they sent the call over to follow up where they will keep calling back until they get the person, but the screen will say that the person intended to donate.  I am just sitting her checking out my employer after speaking to someone last night who said they tried to get help from the Breast Cancer Society and was turned away.  And I will say's not so much that the professional fundraiser gets so much of the money because truthfully, no one really volunteers anymore, and most of us our groomed and professional.  We are thorough and accurate.  This company provides jobs for thousands of people, insurance and are getting people off of unemployment.  Additionally, if the nonprofits had to set up a building and staff to handle the volume of calls we do a day, they would like not turn a profit at all.  And when you are clearing a $1.5 million a week, 20% is not a bad number.  My problem is when the nonprofit seems bogus.  I've been on the Breast Cancer Society's website for weeks and it's very primitive.  Almost like it's just a backdrop...

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