Phone Listings From Area Code 330-373 State Of Ohio

  • Area Code : 330-373
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : United Tel. Co. Of Ohio C...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Warren
  • County: Trumbull

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Latest Comments for 330-373

July 25 12:00 pm
I have been getting multiple calls from this number (like 10 in the past 2 days). There is an automated voice that breaks up before I can understand fully what is being said, but there is mention of a $15 charge for minutes and does not include rollover minutes. The voice says to press a number to continue with the call. I have been declining the call, but that is the message that is left on my VM. I tried to text that number to ask that I be taken off whatever list is used to generate the calls. Text message back says Error Invalid Number. Resend using a valid 10 digit number or valid short code.My cellphone service apparently does not allow me to block numbers. How can I stop this harassment? I am already on National Do Not Call List, which is not stopping any of these types of calls.

August 21 11:52 pm
I have been receiving these for a few months and since my number is a measured service via VirtualPBX, each recorded message costs me money.Today, I sent another email to VirtualPBXs support line, reported it my local BBB as a fraud alert, and also just filled an online complaint with the FCC. Typically you can follow the money to find the reason for deceptive practices, but I dont see any commodity or value in these calls to anyone. Maybe our phone companies receive enough revenue that they subscribe to these somehow?

August 18 8:49 am
I received two calls from the number and when I answered, all I heard was a loud beep. When I disconnected the call, my phone was locked up.

July 29 8:19 pm
i got this call too... i missed the calls (they called twice). I'm from Canada and noone in California has my number except for a online retailer.

August 19 8:41 am
How can I make a clean call?

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