Phone Listings From Area Code 325-690 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 325-690
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southwestern Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Abilene
  • County: Taylor

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Latest Comments for 325-690

August 17 9:53 pm
Theyve been calling my house for months. And theyre so rude! It is always the same two people, a guy, and a woman. The woman, Jennifer, is nicer, at least shell tell me her name. D:<The guy insulted my education, because I refused to admit I wasnt this Martha Walker person. I dont even know anyone by the name of Martha!Its really getting frustrating. I just got off the phone with the girl, and so searched the number. They actually told me Martha Walkers social security number D:

July 18 3:29 am
The card service scammers WILL service our credit cards, BUT, when they finish servicing them, they will have NO available credit remaining! People that are fooled into having their cards serviced will be charged a MINIMUM of $795.00, and many times the ENTIRE amount remaining on the card. The card service scammers are a disgusting group of degenerates, who prey mainly on the low income, and the elderly, but will cheat anyone that they can!

July 8 8:44 pm
gay dude, not good lookin

July 17 3:00 am
I received a text saying "Hi girl" I asked who's this? they said "Hey are you busy" "ok bye then huh" I asked again who's this and they said "Byeeeeee lol ur to shy girl"

August 24 9:39 am
Yup ,he' s definitely Indian.

August 2 9:13 am
called the number back and it said, "thank you for calling wells fargo.  we recently tried to contact you about a special promotion"

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