Phone Listings From Area Code 325-548 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 325-548
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Taylor Telephone Cooperativ...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Abilene
  • County: Taylor

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Latest Comments for 325-548

July 21 11:32 pm
You should be able to forward the spam text to 7726 and have it blocked. If you have any problems, contact your cell carrier for assistance.Security company Cloudmark created a spam messaging reporting service that nations major wireless carriers agreed earlier this year to start using. Now, customers of AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint and others can forward their text spam message to 7726. The mobile phone carrier will ask customers for the phone number thats linked to the spam message so they and Cloudmark can start investigating.

July 18 2:38 am
Got a call from an unknown number... they left a message asking for my husband and stating they had to deliver papers Friday between 9 and 4. They needed someone over 18 to be home to accept them. I spoke to my husband and he also got a call but his phone showed a number 855-882-1062. The last four digits of the file number are the last four of his social so I was a bit concerned. I called the number back and asked the receptionist what the company was called and she said its Kingston management. I asked her what does her company do since they are looking to deliver some documents to us apparently. She told me she couldnt tell me but if I gave her a case number she could transfer me. I told her the Voicemail didnt state a company name or what the documents were in reference to. also they call from a private number?? Fishy. I told her I will wait for a call back with a more detailed voicemail. So I googled it and found all these other experiences from similar phone calls. Im going to take it as its a scam and if they want to contact me they can send me something in the mail.

August 3 4:21 pm
Your belief is incorrect. You can report any number, with a name or not. You have to register on the Do Not Call list for a month before they can stop calls going to your number. Dont worry, they cant stop bull ticky callers like this, mostly patched in from somewhere outside the US. But if we keep reporting these dolts, phone makers can add more Blocked Call spaces on their phones, like my Pan A. Sonic (do they allow brand names here?)

August 30 9:34 pm
This company sells gas to your home. They sell you lower priced gas then what Consumers Energy sells it for but the deliver charge is very high. It is a rip off, Tell them to remove your number from their call list.

August 21 11:28 pm
Just Received a call from this number which only rang 4 times. This is usually a sign of of an automated telemarketing call

July 22 1:20 am
"no response when i answer and no message when i do not answer"

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