Phone Listings From Area Code 321-264 State Of Florida

  • Area Code : 321-264
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Titusville
  • County: Brevard

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Latest Comments for 321-264

August 2 1:49 am
Yup. They called us today (Mon. 01/12/15) at 8:17AM and awoke a seriously ill family member. Unfortunately, the DNC list legal calling times are 8AM to 9PM. Seriously? The GOVERNMENT gets to tell *US* when we have to allow these calls into our homes? Why dont WE get to determine the call times - even for legit calls like REAL charities (which this one is NOT) Political or even business calls. THAT should be part of signing up for the DNC; SELECTING our calling window.Time for a massive overhaul of this law, fueled by WRITING and CALLING your CONGRESSPEOPLE to INSIST that this law be TIGHTENED so that these CRIMINALS pay a MUCH higher penalty - INCLUDING PRISON TIME - for violating this.

July 18 10:27 pm
Your belief is incorrect. You can report any number, with a name or not. You have to register on the Do Not Call list for a month before they can stop calls going to your number. Dont worry, they cant stop bull ticky callers like this, mostly patched in from somewhere outside the US. But if we keep reporting these dolts, phone makers can add more Blocked Call spaces on their phones, like my Pan A. Sonic (do they allow brand names here?)

July 27 11:28 am
Jay, thank you for the time you took to clarify the purpose of the DNC and its limitations. While the DNC does help, it can do nothing to thwart the predators stalking us.Heres a sad fact I have seen time and time again (specifically the Las Vegas gaming industry). Whenever you build a better mousetrap, you start dealing with a smarter mouse. This issue will never be solved. Technology makes it impossible. The one with the offensive move (predator) will always have the advantage. The defender can never be less than one step behind, and therefore can never catch up.You want the best security and privacy safeguard? Disconnect your phones and internet (e-mail included) connections and go exclusively snail mail. Even thats not totally secure. I know its not what you want to hear, but its the truth.This is a never-ending game with no final winner.

August 21 11:09 pm
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August 5 8:08 pm
They call and say their calling about a inquiry you put in about a program {a different one every time} than try to get ya info

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