Phone Listings From Area Code 319-938 State Of Iowa

  • Area Code : 319-938
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Windstream Iowa Communicati...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Rowley
  • County: Buchanan

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Latest Comments for 319-938

July 30 7:36 pm
You have a right to be mad...Our government wont do anything about these calls from these goat raping scam artists. I had a reletive that was scammed out of over 6 figures. Our government wouldnt do anything. They prey on our elderly citizens and this somehow has to stop...They all need to be sent back into the sewer where they belong.

July 2 6:08 am
funny how a few people say they actually received the money. i guess for some reason they chose you 2 to give a 6000 loan to when you prob cant finance a napkin. these companies all suck. but how dumb are we? believing that anyone would give us a 6k loan. i speak for people whos credit is just a shi**y as mine. but anyway, i would sell my soul to get 5 of these indian s**t bags in a cameraless room for 30 mins.

July 30 5:23 am
I got the same message I called them they said i had a pay day loan out for a company called bcd suppose to be a pay day loan then when i ask them to give me the companies number to call them to see who they are and the company that calls me is intercoat the number is 1866-8255694

August 4 9:18 pm
Keep trying to sell stuff

August 19 1:30 am
This phone number called me claiming I had recently completed an online survey. I did not recall filling out any recent surveys. I informed the representative on the other end of the line and they said they could set me up with some kind of account even if I hadn't completed the survey. I let them know I was not interested, this comment was ignored and the representative continued talking and so I hung up.

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