Phone Listings From Area Code 319-822 State Of Iowa

  • Area Code : 319-822
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Dunkerton Telephone Coopera...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Dunkerton
  • County: Black Hawk

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Latest Comments for 319-822

August 25 4:57 am
Yeah i get a call dont answer just blocked them and i also block weird people that call me

August 14 1:06 am
I have always said that company shills are the dumbest creatures in the universe and you have proven my point once again. There is one thing we can always count on though, and that is for you ignorant criminals to draw attention to yourselves. I have to thank you for that part of your stupidity. Now on with the show:ADS also know as Account Discovery Services located in that haven fro criminal debt collectors know as western New York. BBB page: - ... st-ny-235970271Some other complaint sites:Mr Number: ADS website: Bizapedia has a lot of businesses in that one office, seemingly owned by the same group of criminals: ADS started in 2011 New york file #File Number: 4169250A review of the criminal owners name reveals that he is part owner of this also: - ... st-ny-235960136Note the F rating at the BBB as well as Mr. Number says that this is a spoofed number.But hey now that we know where you are located, perhaps we could stop by for your New Years Eve Company Party? We promise to only bring a few friends in blue, or perhaps just a SWAT team.Why does that name James Chebat sound familiar?

July 7 1:38 am
This person called from a Washington # to here "California" to have information looked up in NEW YORK ????? Weird.

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