Phone Listings From Area Code 318-646 State Of Louisiana

  • Area Code : 318-646
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Montgomery
  • County: Grant

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Latest Comments for 318-646

July 1 3:43 am
I have had Verizon for years and just got one of these calls today. I think its spammers who once again have managed to do another go around. I am on the Do Not Call List and that is such a joke.

July 16 12:05 am
An Indian guy keeps calling me from this # every day. I talked to him twice and told him to stop calling me. He said the govt is trying to give me $7000 in grant money and he actually knew my name. I told him I believe hes pulling a scam and to send me something by mail so I could look it over. He kept saying No, let me tell you... I hung up and then he called right back. My daughter answered the phone using a Russian accent and then put the phone by the toilet and flushed it. She had fun messing with him.

July 10 11:33 am
They got me too! I thought it was my current Magazine service and I after I gave them all of my information, I went to my bank statement and called the number to my current service and it was a different company! This NAM Magazine service tricks you into thinking its your current service and that you were enrolled in a automatic renewal and they can cancel by locking you into another 5 years with them at a lower rate. They also gave me a security code cause they said other companies were calling and pretending that they were your magazine service. Ugh, you mean YOU GUYS are the company thats doing this. I was so pissed, called back and told them to cancel it. The next day they called me and told me that only the automatic renewal had been cancelled and asked why I had done it. I yelled at the guy for about 10 minutes while he kept trying to tell me to calm down, but I asked him if he would be pissed if his information and credit number had been stolen and that someone had committed fraud against him. He then said why did you give your information and trust the person then. Why wouldt I? You said you were my magazine service company. He couldnt tell me how long I had been with him and said he didnt access to that kind of info and couldnt repeat my CC to me, if I was disputing it, I said its ok though if you ask me for info though. Ok, you definitely are bad people. Do not trust this company, they are trying to rip people off!

August 2 5:09 pm
I recieved a call from a national call center about a survey. The recording asked me some questions and then gave me this web site to look up inf about a cruise to the bahamas. If this was a false site please remove me from any call list that you have. thank you.

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