Phone Listings From Area Code 318-561 State Of Louisiana

  • Area Code : 318-561
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Alexandria
  • County: Rapides

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Latest Comments for 318-561

August 24 10:18 am
I got it from my boyfriend! haha he left in his voicemail that it was a call from skype because he didnt have cell service. I guess thats the default cell number from skype and people/companies might use it to make it harder to track.

August 3 4:49 pm
What the scammer really means is:Press 1 to add your number to the it is a live one list we sell to other scammers.Press 2 to yell at somebody who may not understand you.Press 3 to verify you are a human, and answered your phone.Press 4 if you enjoy getting unwanted phone calls. We aim to please.Press 5 if you have a dial-type phone instead of a pushbutton phone.Press 6 to learn how to send us money by green dot or other untraceable means.Press 7 if you want us to call you at 7 AM ... or, some other, inconvenient time.Press 8 if you like the sound of that tonePress 9 if you are still on the line.Press 0 to hear this message again

July 30 4:10 am
I left Linda approximately 30 messages. Some included long silences ending in me saying Goodbye in various strange voices. In one I read a Disney World ad that just happened to pop up on my computer, and in another i recommended that she goes bear hunting at the zoo. There are many more but I think you get the picture. Thank you for the number. It was quite amusing, and seeing as shes running a business she will have to listen to all of them because she doesnt know if theyre all prank calls :)

August 10 1:15 am
You got that right, Babs. The DNC list most likely was created as part of a pork barrel law that authorized federal funds for the City of Chicago to buy 500 new school buses. Our fearless leaders in Congress do this to make sure a bill passes. Its just more bureaucratic hot air.the same hot air that gave us the IRS, the FCC and the Department of Homeland Security. Your tax dollars at work!!!

July 5 2:50 pm
Someone called on this number and left a long noisy voicemail. When I called, they spoke in English but when I asked who this was, they pretended to not know English. I check the voicemail again to see if I could get any details and then I called them again and they didn't pick up!

July 4 6:20 pm
Another call today, caller didn't realize being recorded, obviously carrying on conversation w/someone else, said "going through whole group, didn't have that many to worry about, like to jump around."  

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