Phone Listings From Area Code 316-612 State Of Kansas

  • Area Code : 316-612
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southwestern Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Wichita
  • County: Sedgwick

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Latest Comments for 316-612

August 13 5:24 pm
I guess theyre going to send you Ulysses S., because it wont be cash. If they do make sure those crooks in Asia dont try & pawn off the bills with Jefferson Davis on them.

July 6 6:39 am
Called again today. Asked for the CEO by name, when told he was not available they wanted someone in charge of the merchant account. I said if we already do business with you you would know who you need to speak to and then hung up. She called right back and asked for the person in charge of the merchant account. I told her that person does NOT take calls from telemarketers. She told me to have a nice day in a smarta$$ tone and hung up.

July 15 8:13 am
In July I received calls two times from a man named Jon trying to deliver a summons. Of course the number was 000-000-0. I have received two calls from a woman named Olivia Watson.she was also trying to serve a summons. Her last call said due to her not being able to deliver the summons, it would be considered a failure to appear in court. They leave an 855-393-3793 number at the end of call. They also said they would need my boss to sign off .

August 8 3:19 am
It was a text advertisement.

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