Phone Listings From Area Code 315-270 State Of New York

  • Area Code : 315-270
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Warwick Valley Mobile Telep...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Waterloo
  • County: Seneca

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August 6 10:34 am
She, just like all the other crooked collection agencies, will not get busted because these crooked collection agencies pay the authorities off. The authorities tell the consumers what they want to hear and nothing happens after that. Im speaking from experience. I sent documentation to an agency that was suppose to protect consumers and I called two weeks later and was told they never got the letter (but it didnt come back to me). Also, watch out for the attorney you might make a complaint to about a crooked collection agency because that attorney will more than likely try to collect from you and the crooked collection agency. I know this is the last thing you wanted to hear, but think about it...why do you think these crooked collection agencies stay in business so long after thousands of complaints and lawsuits come their way? Too many people in authority are getting paid off, so nothing every happens...a lot of hands is in the pot. Its like the time E.F. Hutton cleaned many of their customers out and nothing happened because the all the authorities who could have did something was getting paid off.

July 26 1:58 am
As already noted, 315-636-6191 is the customer Service number listed for multiple Official Team Jerseys sites that use this automated number out of New York but are billed out of China. In my case I ordered through . About a half hour after the transaction, my bank (Chase) called and inquired about the validity of the charge. I researched the number to this board and told them to cancel my card (and the transaction).DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ON A WEBSITE THAT HAS 315-636-6191 or is currently billed out of China by PWK Kitty !!!

August 16 4:18 am
I have ATT. Got my first call today. Didnt answer. Also in the past have gotten the call about my computer needing fixed. Fell for it and took all day to get the viruses removed that the caller injected.

August 8 2:09 pm
Its a Scam dont waste your time

August 6 6:50 pm
This stranger called me last night @ 1:22 am. I was heavily asleep. Who the crap is this number that called me?

August 20 5:14 am
he harasses me all the time

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