Phone Listings From Area Code 314-865 State Of Missouri

  • Area Code : 314-865
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southwestern Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Saint Louis
  • County: Saint Louis City

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July 30 9:10 pm
518-678-2395 8Jan15 2:15pm ID=New York this is the usual CardSVCS/ConsumerSVCS/LifeAlert call from adicts/criminals/scammers/etc. They are trying to make up for the christmas down time. I was out all day and had 3 calls logged on my caller ID recorder when I got home. All of the calls were blocked. My blockers are almost perfect for blocked calls during December & January. When I hear a single ring, I know I have just blocked a harassment call. If it rings twice I know I have a legit call or a new number to add to the blocker lists.Lets all get blockers to sink these SOBs!!!* HOW TO DEFEAT HARASSMENT/ROBO CALLS!! CALL BLOCKERS WORK!!** I research a harassment/scam caller then post this msg every time a robo number calls. NEVER press X to opt out, and NEVER respond in any way because it just adds your name to multiple robo calling lists. * * The federal no-call list is a joke - the government does nothing. The phone company wants the money from robo companies and will do nothing to stop the harassment/robo calls. Local police do not have the manpower or technology to track/block these calls. Most robo callers are criminals/scammers. Here is a one-time relatively low cost way to beat those harassment/robo calls.* * I have now defeated >90% of harassment and robo calls. I went on-line to Amazon and purchased an in-line CPR CALLBLOCKER! It has an inventory of up to 1200 numbers in your call blocker list. Be careful in setting up the list or you get unexpected blockages of valid incoming calls. Start by blocking all calls using caller IDs of UNAVAILABLE, PRIVATE, or WITHHELD. I have also blocked many robo area codes which have no friends or family 201, 212, 231, 239, 303, 304, 305, 307, 312, 321, 323, 331, 347, 360, 401, 478, 502, 505 ,513, 516, 518, 605, 608, 620, 630, 646, 650, 701, 708, 734, 740, 757, 773, 810, 815, 918, 952, and 970. ONLY use 3 digit area codes, OR full 10 digit phone numbers (area code with phone number). Never use 7 digit inputs to the blocking list or you WILL have problems! Keep a complete written list of area codes and individual blocking numbers. A small glitch when entering a number into the list can mess up your entire blocking list requiring a hardware reset and complete reprogramming of the list.* * Harassment/robo callers frequently use a spoofing APP to create phony incoming caller IDs on your phone. Hidden characters in a spoofer Caller IDs number can sneak the robo call past some blockers. I use a separate secondary SENTRY BLOCKER that ignores hidden characters and blocks/kills the call when its turned ON.* * There are many brands of call blockers other than the ones I have described. Choose yours and BLOCK THOSE HARASSMENT CALLS!* * It is really great fun watching my call blocker /Caller ID recorder light-up and then dump the call when the harassment/robo Caller ID matches the blocking list!!! I especially enjoy it when the call blocker hangs up on a persistent harassment caller!!! Take back your telephone from harassment/robo callers!CALL HISTORYMay 37 harassment callsJun 31 harassment calls purchased call blocker. Installed blocker!Jul 26 harassment calls with 7 auto blocked.Aug 35 harassment calls with 23 auto blocked and 12 new numbers added to blocker listSep 38 harassment calls with 26 auto blocked and 10 new numbers added to blocker list. 2 calls got past blocker list. Secondary blocker was turned off.Oct 53 harassment calls with 46 auto blocked, 4 new numbers added to blocking list. 3 calls got past blocker list because of illegal char in Caller ID number. Secondary Sentry Blocker that kills hidden characters was turned OFF pending completion of white list. Nov 31 harassment calls with 28 auto blocked, 3 new calls added to blocker list. Dec 16 harassment calls with 14 auto blocked, 1 new calls for blocker list + 1 spoof with my Phone #. Jan 6 harassment calls with 5 auto blocked, 1 new calls for blocker list (1 spoof with my Phone #). (Current as of 8 Jan 2015)BLOCKER CONFIGURATION |-CALL-ZAPPER | |-CPR BLOCKER-PHONE | =|-SENTRY BLOCKER-ANSWERING MACHINE | |-CID RECORDER-HOME PHONE CPR BLOCKER has blocker list of 1200 entries for area codes and/or phone numbers. On detection of block listed numbers the blocker hangs up all lines. All other callers are passed thru unless Sentry Blocker rejects/hangs up line. SENTRY BLOCKER hangs up on all black listed phone numbers. White list numbers are ignored or passed thru for phone/answering machine. Non-listed numbers have British/Spanish/German msg for solicitors to hang up, and all other valid unlisted callers to dial zero to leave msg on answering machine. When Sentry Blocker is OFF, all calls pass thru to phone/answering machine unless blocked by CPR BLOCKER. CALL ZAPPER sends out a telephone office signal that the phone line is disconnected. Many auto scanning robo sytems will then automatically remove the number from their calling list HOME PHONE rings once if CPR BLOCKER or SENTRY BLOCKER blocks call. Call rings thru if blockers are OFF or call is passed by blockers.

July 12 9:26 pm
We receive increasing calls from 000-000-0. We let it go to answering machine & the voice asks us to press 1 to accept the charges &/or press 2 to speak to an operator. Sounds like a scam to me . I dont answed unknown numbers but the late evening calls are most annoying.

August 7 12:34 am
called at 8pm New Years day. Left no message.

August 23 5:25 am
Random area code. Dead air for a few seconds then hang up

July 9 7:26 pm
it is from a web site that a person can type there cell phone number into

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