Phone Listings From Area Code 314-445 State Of Missouri

  • Area Code : 314-445
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southwestern Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Saint Louis
  • County: Saint Louis

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Latest Comments for 314-445

July 23 2:16 am
Answer phone person then rambled do you have insurance ask a question then they hang up

August 20 6:22 pm
Phone rings, I say hello and get music in my ear. No person just music. Dont care who you are, dont call me and then put me on hold. You will just get disconnected. Then click thats it. They actually had the nerve to call back. The woman says did you just hangup on me. I replied I dont know did it sound like this and I hung up on them again. Dumb AZZEZ!!!

July 25 7:16 am
Called my cell phone, a number only immediate family has, let it ring once, hangup. No message.

August 29 8:40 pm
Do you not understand that they are also giving out bogus numbers when you look at your caller ID?.. They cant do anything about a non-existent number, period. So reporting that number would be pointless. They would then have a report about a number that isnt a real number so who are they going to tie that number to? With computer technology it has become just as simple to show a false number over caller-ID as it is to show a false e-mail address over the internet. People have been able to do that for a very long time. I was just called this morning from a 021620, which is not even a valid number unless it was international. Even then Im not sure thats an actual number. I cant find it anywhere online; not even a record of anyone else being called by it. When I look at my phone records it doesnt even show that it called. I answered but they/the machine must have broke the connection right before I did so because I looked back down at the phone and wasnt connected after saying hello a couple times. Otherwise I can only guess it was a computer error on Tmobiles end.

August 26 3:55 pm
the call comes from Focus Recievable Mgmt.  demanding I settle on account, yes I know I have a balance I owe to someone, and this company, Focus threatened me, and said I was stalling and did not want me to talk, did not want me to have control of the call.  I asked for a letter with an address and the balance and the original letter from the company that hired them to collect and they got mad.

July 20 3:31 am
Same thing happened to me this morning that MANDIE reported - same phone #'s and everything.  Only difference is the guy used the name Eric Chong (I think).  He was so hard to understand and there was a lot of background noise, including laughter from the people around him.  Probably laughing at our expense, I'm sure.

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