Phone Listings From Area Code 313-680 State Of Michigan

  • Area Code : 313-680
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : New Cingular Wireless Pcs,...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Detroit
  • County: Wayne

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Latest Comments for 313-680

August 13 7:07 pm
Since both candidates are a couple of sleaze balls and the other fellow has not invaded my privacy, I now know who to vote for. Political candidates do not need to comply with the DNC but should realize that folks that register on the DNC dont want ANY worthless calls.

July 15 6:49 pm
It is to obvious that the scammers named in this public forum are very angry because they are being exposed for what they truly are, CRIMINALS! Nothing pisses off a criminal scammer more than being exposed for what they really are... CRIMINALS & SCAMMERS. Its simple, if you want to stop having a narcissist psychopath meltdown, dont scam and rip off innocent people. The scammers who are being exposed here and other sites team up with their gang of trolls (99% are related to the scammers) the scammers & their gang of trolls viciously harass & attack those who come here to expose them just to get them to stop. We will not stop. By themselves they cant do much & wouldnt dare which is why they work in teams to bully and harass as in hopes of eliminating exposure of their criminal activities off these sites so they can continue on with their criminal activities, According to 800notes they say they will not remove posts just because they are asked to. We have seen a number of these forums exposing this scammers removed. 800notes also states, If you know the statement is false, explain it in your response. But the scammers never do, instead they lie, threaten, bully & harass to have these posts stopped & removed.800notes also states, the right to anonymous free speech is protected by the First Amendment then why is 800notes removing the posts of those who share with the public what the scammers did to them to get their money through trickery, lies & deception Without these public posts for others to see these scammers will continue to scam and rip off more people. Scammers are greedy narcissists who will lie, cheat and steal, do anything to keep from being exposed. All of the information shared in these posts and forums to expose these thieves is all true. We are more than happy to provide documentation proving what is being shared with the public but 800notes may end up removing it of the scammers will have another narcissist psychopathy meltdown and use their scamming techniques to get it removed. The previous phone numbers listed below which were assigned to these scammers within the last 12 years have been disconnected. Listed below are several theyve used but there are a whole lot more. They never keep the same phone number, Business name, bank account info, city/state/office location, phony names, UPS store location/PO BOX address, DBAs, employees, . A legitimate business doesnt change business name & phone numbers 50 times in 12 years. Thats how long these idiots have been scamming & ripping people off. 888-785-3660, 888-428-8567, 714-568-0111, 281-238-9890, 888-844-9290, 713-334-2166, 713-334-2685, 877-591-3777, 877-490-4716, 888-999-8826, 888-841-3313, 888-965-8850, 713-774-4801, 713-774-4803? 713-774-4800 and 888-857-3945 Former & current business names: Alpha medical co, falcon international industries, IHTA inc, DMZ inc, Superior medical company, rivera medical company, Ampex medical company, advanced medical company, allied medical company, Corbin supply SUPERIOR MEDICAL SUPPLIES versus SUPERIOR MEDICAL COMPANY lawsuit (Michael alan Dirksen/Michael emoreth Arnold - defendants & scammers) Basically what Rivera Medical Company does is they call you to phish for information. They ship and invoice you for medical golves you never authorized or ordered. This happened to a friend of mine and now she is having a hard time shorting this out. Rivera Medical Company claims that the golves were authorized and that the outrageous invoice is valid. Im not even sure where Rivera Medical Companys corporate office is out of, but I found their address in California on Business Consumer Alliance. Their phone number (888) 857-3945 is no longer in service. My friend and I cannot get through to them. We will be contacting BCA to file a complaint. Criminals, Michael Emoreth Arnold and Michael Alan Dirksen dont even have a license to operate in California or anywhere else. They use several business names to scam private doctors, clinics, hospitals ECT and constantly move and change phone numbers in order to keep from getting caught! You can find a copy of this complaint at if you search for Rivera Medical Company which was recently filed on 1/7/2014. They have been reported to the authorities and will face charges real soon!

August 8 1:30 am
I recieved a text message. Very hateful and derogatory.

August 15 11:56 pm
Called me today asking about a neighbor on my street.  Caller said his name was Flores.  Told him as his name came up as Unknown on my caller ID I could only assume he or his company have something to hide so I asked him to lose my number since I'm on the do not call list.

August 1 11:40 am
For tha past 2 days I have been receiving calls from 3 to four digit numbers but unfortunately missed every one of them but there was no message left on my cell phone.  The first number that called was 271-6, the 2nd was 624, the third was 252-8, and the fourth showed up as 402.  It's driving me crazy wondering who the hell could be calling me with a 3 or 4 digit number since I've never seen this before.  Does anyone have any idea who could this be and have these numbers evershowed up on your caller id???

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