Phone Listings From Area Code 307-271 State Of Wyoming

  • Area Code : 307-271
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Level 3 Communications, Llc...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Powell
  • County: Park

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Latest Comments for 307-271

August 5 3:25 pm
Received a call 7/30/12 from man with heavy, thick Indian accent. Said he was calling to inform us that we won a prize! Went on to list a trip, new vehicle, TV and said wed have to drive to Lake Geneva, WI to claim it. Told him we are on Do Not Call list, remove us immediately and we are reporting him to FTC. And, we did. . Reported to BBB also.

August 9 9:42 pm
they did the same to me but they contacted me by email and they told me that i will work as a mechanical engineer and they will pay me 9000 usd how can i get sure?and the moderator is the us embassy coz the embassy told me the documents could they be a scammers and they advise me to contact the us embassy and i did and the embassy told me to prepare a specific documents?

August 4 4:43 am
I called the number back an a lady answered an said quality resourses an I said I have no idea who you people are an why you keep calling my number! They said they were looking for a certain person and I said your calling the wrong number an she said im so sry maam I will take this number off our call list i said ok thank you..I dont know if itll work or not but we will see if the calls stop

August 12 2:19 pm
I called them,one guy talked to me and my English is not too good but at least I can speak basic English,and the end he had no patient just hang off my phone.bad service!

August 26 5:14 am
I'm a law student studying for exams and got a spam call (most likely) and happened upon you post. Thanks for making me laugh...I don't do it often enough. So many people think your story is an actual account and that made me laugh harder. If someone can't see that your post is humorous, I can understand how scammers get information from these same kinds of people. Outstanding!

August 19 10:50 am
I don't know anyone in Iowa

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