Phone Listings From Area Code 307-250 State Of Wyoming

  • Area Code : 307-250
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Cellco Partnership Dba Veri...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Cody
  • County: Park

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Latest Comments for 307-250

August 13 1:00 pm
I normally screen my calls, thanks to caller ID. A call came across as Payphone 585-243-9807. I answered it (in case it was family stranded) He said his name was Anthony calling from Windows MicroTech and that my computer was infected and getting ready to crash. I asked him why he was calling from a payphone and how he got my number. He said he was notified via errors messages he received, yada, yada - (he had a thick accent) - told me to get on my computer and hed walk me thru the process to prevent my computer from crashing. I told him my computer wasnt even on and that I couldnt get to it. I kept asking why he was calling from a payphone - never got a direct answer. He told me to call him back at 971-217-9510 within an hour. (Yeah, right!)

August 12 5:37 am
Called me at 2:05am. I am furious

August 8 6:28 pm
talked to a girl for about 4 hours today on Messenger, says she is a model and is comming close for a photo shoot and wanted to stay with me and of course you can imagin what she offered me, she says shes 23 and Im 55, sound kind of funny? any way when we were done she wanted my phone number and text me and thats the number that came up, she says shes in california but her use of words tell me shes in Africa, can people text through googel so you dont know where they are calling from?

August 4 1:24 pm
Didn't leave a message here either. Called ID says Wish Assoc.

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