Phone Listings From Area Code 305-947 State Of Florida

  • Area Code : 305-947
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Miami
  • County: MiamiDade

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Latest Comments for 305-947

August 28 3:35 pm
Hung up when answered. Return calls were cancelled or got busy signal.

July 7 11:23 am
I also received 2 weird robo calls about activity on my account yesterday. I read these posts and assumed it was bogus. This morning, a charge from a hospital cafe in GA showed up on my account (I live in AL). So, I called the REAL Wells Fargo number (of course, dont call back the number the robo guy said to) and asked them about it. The account rep showed 2 declined charges at Walmart and 1 declined charge at Publix. All in GA. Looks like someone is trying to use my debit card number, but is not very good at it, since the only thing they got away with was $13 at a hospital cafe. Bottom line -- I dont know WHO made the robo call (forgot to ask the real Wells Fargo rep) but I dont CARE! It alerted me to check for charges on my account and someone trying to commit fraud.

July 24 1:54 am
Doesnt work that way at all. They have to buy the list from the ftc, so why would they pay for something when all they have to do is plumb numbers into a dialer or computer and go for it..By State DNC lists: ... -rule#DNCrights

July 25 11:54 pm
Called on Memorial Day and did not leave message. No message means it's not that important. :o)

July 10 9:01 pm
This number is likely a scam. They called my mother and addressed her informally by her first name without introducing themselves, leaving my mother to initially assume that it was a personal call and answered. The woman and man spoke Spanish, and told her that they were affiliated with the LAPD or some police department and were asking for 10 dollar donations. They said they would mail her an envelope to collect the money, and the lady had my mother's full name and address on file.

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