Phone Listings From Area Code 304-999 State Of West Virginia

  • Area Code : 304-999
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Idt America Corp Wv
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Meadowbrook
  • County: Harrison

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Latest Comments for 304-999

August 13 8:17 pm
This number is cops they trying to get whatever number or any information that number. Like example if were a gang member and have drug dealing business and u get caught. They will use that phone service have there start calling whoever number inside your phone. Once call person they can get load of your information and hidden picture messaging and anything that has what inside specially when have a smartphone by answering your phone so it best not to answer call like those.

July 27 7:49 pm
You need to enroll in grade school for help with basic English. Maybe a night school.a tutor...anything.

July 12 2:38 pm
What planet are you living on,,, there is NO such #.

July 10 9:13 pm
we used to have a nice little company then they got there hands in us and put us out of business

August 11 10:33 am
Everyday for at least two weeks. Two rings and disconnects!

July 6 9:05 am
One of the numbers that call me several times a week.

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