Phone Listings From Area Code 304-410 State Of West Virginia

  • Area Code : 304-410
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Clec, Llc Wv
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Charleston
  • County: Kanawha

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Latest Comments for 304-410

July 29 11:26 am
F U you arrogant douche. Things happen in life that are out of peoples control. How dare you call someone a have no idea what the situation. Nice use of the word retard. Go lurch another website and leave these people alone. I am sure your a friggin [***] debt collector anyway.

July 26 6:43 am
Got the call at 9:45GMT no on responded so I hung up

August 18 9:59 am
I got almost the same message and I replied who the fk is this. After a while I blocked it. Think I may have been charged something??

August 18 5:24 pm
JUST A QUICK THING-If people dont give you their phone number, and adress, its not something fishy, it simply means that they would rather NOT give you their living location, theres a thing called privacy, and they probably just wanna keep that.If they even respond to you, as the number 000-000-0 is widley used by large variety of peoples.It could be a prank caller with a.bit more tech knowledge, could be a politics call, could be that closet stalker from down the street. Theres no way to tell unless you hear something from the other end. ;}

July 22 1:00 am
I just switchef from Verizon to Sprint. Never got these calls when I was with Verizon, now Im getting them 5 or 6 times a day.

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