Phone Listings From Area Code 302-654 State Of Delaware

  • Area Code : 302-654
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon Delaware, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Wilmington
  • County: New Castle

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Latest Comments for 302-654

July 30 3:08 am
This is a credit card processing companys telemarketing effort to scam businesses into switching processors with inaccurate and dubious claims. 99.9% of processors NEVER call their customers for any reason, especially to tell them about changes in rates and fees. If they call you tell them you have already switched.

July 14 5:23 am
WARNING--BEWARE!! These callers are B I G credit card criminals, known as the card service scammers! Under NO circumstances, give your credit card number to these lowlifes, or you will regret it forever!

July 25 3:37 am
Heres the sad news if you use You Mail. their privacy policy. They will do the service as explained but they will be able to pull data, personal info etc. from your phone and social sites, etc. YouMail will: ... Collect key information necessary to identify you as a unique user and to establish your account. This includes your telephone number(s), e-mail address, name, other personal information, and, if you opt-in, can include information from your address book and your social network connections.

August 22 9:25 am
Im not sure what your trying to say, but you may want to try using a Spell Checker!

August 13 6:26 am
I told him that I didnt have a computer...

July 28 8:55 pm
I received a call from this number where a man (with an accent) was obviously on his cell phone. He stated that he as from some place (I couldn't quite hear him over the background commotion - he was obviously not in an office or call center) and told me that they were receiving unwanted files from my computer. That they would help me. At that point the background noise was too much and I wasn't going to buy what he was selling so I told him goodbye and hung up.

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