Phone Listings From Area Code 302-478 State Of Delaware

  • Area Code : 302-478
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon Delaware, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Wilmington
  • County: New Castle

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Latest Comments for 302-478

August 6 2:23 pm
I think its a marketing company who buys your purchase details from other store and then they suggest you to provide them the full credit card number to charge you 1 USD first for cupons or whatever...then you are charged monthly for 30 USD or whatever you have accepted...I decided to hang up the phone.

July 15 8:16 pm
I recived a call from this # today.To make the story short, I asked the guy his name & whom he is representing. He said oh my god! Start laughing & hung up on me. I hope to never ever recive a call from them again.

August 26 7:43 pm
I am doing an in-depth search for this piece of donkey dung's name and specific address. I know the call came from Harbor City, CA. When I find out who is scamming people, I'm going over there to kick his scrawny a*s. So get ready, you little piece of sh*t. Your whipping is gonna sneak up on you and then you're going to jail. From the sound of your voice, you'll probably like jail, especially when you drop the soap. LOL

July 6 11:06 am
I have gotten several calls from this company. Today they ask for my husband by name and I ask if I could help them......they promptly hung up.

July 17 5:16 pm
I received death threats from Hosaam Kaseem from this number. He calls repeatedly in the middle of the night and also sends harassing e-mails.

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