Phone Listings From Area Code 302-452 State Of Delaware

  • Area Code : 302-452
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon Delaware, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Newark
  • County: New Castle

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Latest Comments for 302-452

August 1 6:57 pm
I have received the same thing twice this week. Once I answered just because I was curious what lame company had a 000-000-0 number and all it was was silence and finally a recorded goodbye. Today I let it ring when I saw the same number on the caller ID and the same thing is now on my answering machine.just a pause and then Goodbye. So strange.

July 2 3:11 am
I live in Maine. It show 888-8 on my cell. I assigne it silent ring tone as I normally did to all this type unwanted calls. But, it keep calling my iPhone. I finally need to block it.

July 14 2:50 am
If you have a smart phone w/apps you can download YouMail app & ditch whatever calls you wish to ditch. Your phone will still to g but they will get a recording saying your phone line is out of service & cannot even leave a voicemail. For your contacts in your phone it will address them by the name you have them stored under. Its a cool free app. Ive been using it for sometime due to someone was harassing me but no more after this app.

August 26 7:51 am
Received text to a link I refused to open and LoLoL added, along with my name.

July 29 1:30 pm
repeated. hangs up immediately on pickup.

July 22 2:54 pm
I received the same call from the sam number:404-798-9983. The caller id said PCS Phone GA.The call was on Jan. 7 at 8:38 pm cst. Who knows?!?

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