Phone Listings From Area Code 301-694 State Of Maryland

  • Area Code : 301-694
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon Maryland, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Frederick
  • County: Frederick

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Latest Comments for 301-694

August 15 12:10 pm
Called, didnt even ring really. No message. Weve had problems in my town with giftcard scammers recently. Curious if theyre related.

July 22 8:37 am
They left no message. I was just wondering who it was. Maybe O'Bama?

August 25 2:19 pm
Just got a call from Some guy giving me my "case file#" His phone was 201-224-4183 ext# 1043. He had my SS# and some of my bank acct# but not all of it. He said the call was being recorded by my state's attorney General's office and my local law enforcement. I WISH!!! These people are FAKE. They will try to get you to belive that you owe money from a defaulted loan or violation, check fraud, tax by deception, or internet fraud. Those were the words he used. He told me NOT to interrupt him while he was speaking and to save my questions to the end. So When he was finished, I told him what he was doing was Illegal and asked if he even know who my attorney general for my state was. He didn't know. When I told him I saw on the news a story about companies JUST LIKE HIS who call people and try to get them to send money for loans or something they 'think' they had, he got really defensive and asked how I knew that information. So..they're liars. Don't believe them. They will just SCAM you!! PS - this is the 2nd call I've received from them. They always end up hanging up on me and threatening further action. When I ask for Proof of my "defaults" in writing by certified mail, they say they've already sent it to my email. And guess what? That doesn't count. Don't believe a word they say!!

August 4 12:34 pm
Asks about printer or laser jet cartridges - they try to make you think they have done business before and try to sound familiar.

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