Phone Listings From Area Code 301-582 State Of Maryland

  • Area Code : 301-582
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon Maryland, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Hagerstown
  • County: Washington

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Latest Comments for 301-582

August 24 9:23 pm
Same thing happened to me Same caller with the same message.

August 3 12:05 am
i received 2 voices from this number and when i called it back, it says that this number is no longer in service. Would like for this number not to be calling me no more. thank you.

August 16 2:44 am
her name is litecia i for got her last name, i called one time to apply the loan and the next day she called me and she said about the loan i told her never mind and she said to me you called us for apply the loan in you ganna tell me never mind and you called us for no reason,  every day she called me and bother me every single day to get the cash money loan, and she said to me your money is ready to get in the western union but you have to buy a money pak to put $184 dollars and i told her why i have to buy the money pak i apply for loan and she said yeah cuase for protection and she said we ganna refund your money back when i done your application form for loan,and then i called her she said ok give me the number of the card so give it to her the number, and the next day at the morning she called me again she said i need the $300 dollars to activet something so i can get the money in the western union so i went to the store to get the money pak and i put $300 dollars and give it to her again the number and she said ok i called you back after 15 to 30 minutes, ill wait her called to get my money after a few hours she called me and she said i need $250 dollars to something for taxt government, so right now i need my money back pls cuase i just borrow that money to my mom and my aunt i have to bring it back that money to them....i have all reciept for the money pak that what i spent that crap....i want to arrest that two girl's they're vioce is indian

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