Phone Listings From Area Code 281-411 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 281-411
  • Phone Type :
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Willis
  • County: Montgomery

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Latest Comments for 281-411

August 10 1:26 pm
Caller ID: TOLL FREE CALLERDont know whos calling; they didnt leave a message. We screen ALL calls. If it was a legitimate business reason, they would leave a message. So either a telemarketer, survey of some sort, scam, or charity. Sorry, not answering charitable calls either - we give to specific three and thats it.

July 24 4:29 am
Oh well. Somewhere in there I was trying to reply and tapped my enter button before I was finished. Just wanted to say sorry about that and that the rest really want all that important.Have a good day everyone.( I see that I can hit enter as a return ... this is what i was trying to do. I must have clicked on Submit. DUH!!! Once again, sorry everyone!)

July 14 7:02 pm
Got numerous calls from this number at 12am with them hanging up when I answer or asking for all different people who do not live here.

July 1 2:24 pm
I received a call from this number, anyone know it... today is Sunday, at 8:48

August 6 7:12 am
I got a phone call today from a nut named Sam Peterson!!!! He could barely speak english and proceeded to tell me that if i didn't call him back right away i would be in trouble and that he could not do anything to help me and then said God have mercy on you. I dont take kind to a scammer trying to threaten me! I called before and spoke to someone saying that a lawsuit was filed against my social security number.....yeah ok come serve me summons papers. How can these people try to call someone and threaten to sue when #1 you dont have my address and then beg for it once i call, #2 you dont know the law! you cant call someone and tell them that they have to show up in court and #3 go play out in traffic!! I had my parents call who just so happen to be police officers and tell them a thing or two, filed a complaint with the FTC, BBB AND THE FBI!!!!  These a***oles need to be stopped!!!

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