Phone Listings From Area Code 276-472 State Of Virginia

  • Area Code : 276-472
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Burkes Garden Telephone C...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Tazewell
  • County: Tazewell

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Latest Comments for 276-472

August 30 2:46 pm
call block them use codes ( 000 000-01) (100-000-0) (000 000-0) they work for me have not got calls in three months.

August 26 11:50 am
This person name is William McKinley Wallace of Greenville,Mississippi. He said he is a nurse practioner and a captain in the Navy. He sent me his number on black social network on the Internet. He is very handsome and has a good physique,he said he 31 is birthday is June 30.He said he just brought a new 2013 jaguar. He said he is on vacation for 30 days. Then the next day we talk he said he is going to afghanastian for 4 months on July 23,2012.He ask me to send money three times by western union.He said he was sending me a iPad.He said he want to visit me and talked about marriage and moving in together.He said he going to medical school in Georgia.Then he said he as a grandmother,his father died and his mother left at 3 months with the pastor. On July 4,2012 he told me he coming to visit me and give me 550 dollars.So the next morning, he got on a plane on July 5,2012 and got stuck in North Carolina and ask for money to get on another plane to my state. On July 6,2012 I sent him 34 dollars to catch another plane. I didnt hear from half the day. On July 7,2012 I called early in the morning and he pick up he said he is in Georgia at a verterns hospital, he got stabbed in the shoulder by a heavy set man (homeless) with an ice pick which stole his ipad(laptop).Then he ask me to send him money again to get to my home state.He told me he loved me and he wanted to marry me start a family.He even told his wedding vows and how he want the wedding to be. He is a scammer. loved me and he wanted to marry me.He said he has no kids and he waiting to get married to start a family.

July 15 8:46 am
Also have been receiving calls from a so called Credence Collection Company. They call from several different 855 numbers. They call my cell phone for someone I dont know and even though I have told them on numerous occasions that they have the wrong number, and I have blocked each number they have called me from, they continue to call me from new numbers each time. I have looked them up online but havent found anything about such a company existing. Its most definitely the newest phone scam.

July 7 7:09 am
This happens to me all the time from 000-000-0. I answered and it said, good bye after a few seconds. I wonder if this gives them time to record any information. Can we block this number?

August 10 7:27 am
He is a fraudulent escort

July 12 6:42 am
Recruiter with recorded message. Lame.

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