Phone Listings From Area Code 270-606 State Of Kentucky

  • Area Code : 270-606
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Kentucky Rsa 3 Cellular Gen...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Scottsville
  • County: Allen

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Latest Comments for 270-606

August 8 1:56 am
GOCGDC stands for the Government of Canada - Gouvernement du Canada. It is employed by ALL or most of the governments offices.

July 30 12:29 am
Hey, I do a lot of online shopping and I was wanting to know if you do as well? And if so I was wanting to ask if maybe you could recall which websites that you might have used since youve had the bank account trouble? Thought maybe itd be helpful in case theyre getting information from any certain websites and possibly could narrow down what websites they could be getting info from if that were the case. Thanks, and sorry youve had any troubles with thieves. Its not right and nobodyneeds that crap to happen to them.

August 23 1:08 am
They called looking for someone. They were told they had not had this number in over 2 yrs. Please take number out of your system and presceded to call back 7 times. I told them to take number off because the number of times they were told and the amount of times they called back was feeling like harrassement. They do not listen!!!

August 30 10:07 pm
someone just called me and said that I have won a $400 visa gift card

August 22 12:12 am
A rude Indian gentleman called me telling me he was calling on behalf of MicroSoft and I had a bug running on my home PC and he was to help me fix the problem.  When asked how he got my number (my cell) he tolds me that it was the number I used to register my home PC with MicroSoft - WRONG!!  I got rude with him and told him to call me back we'll see

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