Phone Listings From Area Code 270-324 State Of Kentucky

  • Area Code : 270-324
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : South Central Rural Telepho...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Magnolia
  • County: Larue

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Latest Comments for 270-324

August 17 3:37 am
My caller ID only showed up as East Berne, NY. They didnt leave us no message, it was just hang up with me as well. I called the number back and it was no ringing, just an automatic message that stated sorry but the users mailbox cant accept more messages.. 1/11/15 @ 9:55am.

July 26 8:53 am
NO.never, never, never answer a call from a bogus number like this!!!Now they know this is a working number with a human answering; it just bolsters whatthey are doing. Some of these scam callers will even take , for instance, a yes thats in your voice that they lead you into saying, and then transpose that into you agreeing to whatever their game is. You truly should just block these bottom-feeding slimeballs with their scams if you can or just ignore their calls and let it go to answering service...they never leave messages.The biggest no-no you can do is engage one of these fast talking pukes.and the odds ofthem taking you off their calling list is about 0.

August 18 10:52 am
Got a call with man with East Indian accent saying he was calling from the Technical Dept (then I hung up). Caller ID said ATT.

July 1 9:30 am
This caller keeps calling a number that is on the national DO NOT CALL list.Caller hangs up after 2 rings.

August 1 2:40 am
Got a call from a man whose Indian accent was so heavy I could barely make out what he saying. That and the fact that there was very loud background noise as well. Though I had no idea what he wanted or who he was, I didnt hear save 35% and I hung up on him.

August 6 5:35 pm
ID said OhioDidnt answer...they left no message

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