Phone Listings From Area Code 267-575 State Of Pennsylvania

  • Area Code : 267-575
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Omnipoint Communications En...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Philadelphia
  • County: Philadelphia

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Latest Comments for 267-575

August 5 6:06 pm
} She said I had to tell her why I am disputing . the letter I got in the mail it said I had to put it in writing why I am disputing . she refused to simply tell me if I was still in the time frameLikely youre describing the initial dunning letter. It should have several lines of disclosure mandated by the FDCPA about how to dispute and what happens when you do or dont within a month. Until a creditor files suit, there is no time limit for raising a dispute. The clock is ticking only on your ability to force a debt collector to fetch validation through a dispute notice. That thirty day window was set by *your receipt* of that letter. So really its your task to calculate the thirty days. This is not math you want to leave to scofflaws anyway. Contrary to what the rude reps said, you dont owe them your story. I dispute, please validate are words sufficient to trigger the agencys responsibility to clam up and obtain proof. If the dunning letter made the same claim, that could in theory be painted as a FDCPA violation. Not to sound sexist here, but rudely hanging up on you is a tactic used on females alleged to owe. A woman is more likely to call back for unfinished business, to be subjected to further manipulation until she pays or at least admits she owes, which you did. (I told them I could not pay anything right now.) Either you want to pay or you want to dispute. The two stances are mutually exclusive, and that gave RPM an easy opening to jerk you around some more and malign your character. } (The creditor) had gotten past complaints like mineYet that creditor keeps hiring RPM. Its lawbreaking gets results. It sure got you all wound up, just as planned. Bullying gets them paid faster. The suggestion that you should hold out for a more polite collection agency is really absurd in that light. If youre really so disgusted you should review the RPM incidents and see if youd make a good FDCPA plaintiff, and never mind worrying about how youll pay as a reward for corporate bad behavior.

July 18 11:08 pm
Got call from 937-203-4263 at 4:13 pm,, recording said Press 1 to connect to an operator for a chance to win cash prizes... I deleted it,,, but have my cell number on the do not call registry what a crock that is...

August 27 9:34 pm
This number keeps calling me every afternoon at 1:45 CST. No one talks. I call back and a robot voice says Press 1 to remove from the calling list. Nothing happens when I press 1 for days! I am frustrated.

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