Phone Listings From Area Code 262-537 State Of Wisconsin

  • Area Code : 262-537
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Burlington, Brighton & Whea...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Burlington
  • County: Racine

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Latest Comments for 262-537

July 15 10:01 am
You do realize that this is simply a site to tell you whos calling, right? Nielsen has absolutely zero clue that youve ever made this comment, so theyre hardly going to be able to stop calling you.

July 17 7:41 am
My bf is in Taylor county jail using this calling card number is there any way I can money on it so he can call.

August 9 6:43 pm
This is "Online Collections." They apparently do skip tracing before they try numbers listed on accounts. I moved nearly two years ago and apparently had a final utility bill. I never received a phone call or letter in the entire time since I've moved. They actually called my mother and left a message for me without bothering to call me first. Beware! They are like most scummy collection agencies and will treat you like poop because they are on a power trip. Maybe if they actually did their job and called the numbers on accounts before doing skip tracing they would get things resolved sooner.

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