Phone Listings From Area Code 252-462 State Of North Carolina

  • Area Code : 252-462
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Carolina Tel And Tel Co., L...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Nashville
  • County: Nash

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Latest Comments for 252-462

August 16 3:38 pm
They sound like incompetent scammers! What is their point? My ringer is off and I wasnt home when this call came in. I check the caller ID log to see if I have any legitimate calls. Most are telemarketer scams. 5 calls today from numbers out of state, one in state and 2 not showing, including this one. Like someone here said once, they can find Bin Laden and Suddam Hussain but they cant find the telemarketers. So much for the do not call lists. They dont work and I think they just aggravated the issue causing more calls OR maybe they are the ones giving out our numbers!

July 20 7:19 pm
located on seneca ave near catalpa. ridgwood queens. tis guy is a scam artist. he will hire some one from craigslist and understand he is hiring a man with a van and turn around and pretend he was hiring commercial mover and refuses to pay for service. theft of service is a crime punishable by jail time. I dont think his scam is legit becasue he knew a moving company price was 3 times higher than the cl budget deal. wasted my time gas money and cursed me out after. this guy is a true prick. in the webster dictionary there should be a photo of him next to the word penisbrains/ we have a legit service and offer cl workers only for pt chepa discount . that what he got. Only a scumbag refuses to pay for a service provided especially if its only $50 plus gas!

August 24 6:54 pm
Asked me to join "preferred customer club" for something I'm not signed up for

August 4 12:55 pm
I just got this number called. did not answer because it is a strange number

July 14 5:56 am
This guy is trying to scam people on craigslist selling cars. . . .claims he is getting deployed and needs to sell his car quick and uses Ebay to get the money.

August 20 2:48 pm
Usually ignore these calls, with weird phone numbers.  Picked up the phone, waited a few seconds--- said "hello" and heard "good-bye" in the same voice that is usually a navigator on gps systems.

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