Phone Listings From Area Code 251-540 State Of Alabama

  • Area Code : 251-540
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Gulf Telephone Co. Dba Cent...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Gulf Shores
  • County: Baldwin

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Latest Comments for 251-540

August 25 9:18 pm
This is a paid fundraising firm calling about breast cancer research.

July 26 11:12 am
The REALLY stupid folks are the ones that reply to a post that is nearly 10 months old. I would imagine he has been holding his breath all this time ,waiting for your intelligent, and well written, reply--what a doopa !!

July 26 4:19 am
Received this text at 1:55 pm: You have been chosen to Test & Keep the Ipad 3 for free with free shipping. Goto Http:// . Enter: **** on 3rd page. You have up to 24 hours

August 6 5:37 am
i am getting the same crap..  not frequently..  but about once a week..  a call from a blocked ("withheld") number..  my phone then says i have a voice mail..  when i go to check the voicemail, there is NO voicemail..  ??   shortly after this (1 min approx) i get a text from 1-111-069-000..  in the body of the text it leaves a phone number.. i called two of the numbers from different phones.. one of the numbers was busy..  the other rang and went to a generic voicemail saying to leave a message..  i called att to inquire about this..  they are either retarded or know about it and don't want to explain.. it seems that if you completely ignore the call and texts- that it stops at that..  but i answered one call recently and there is nothing there- no sound at all.. i hung up and it called me back 3 times immediately..  i rejected the calls...  it then texted me 3 times very quickly from 1-111-069-000 with a call back number..  i don't think this is some random waste of time..  i plan to keep trying to find something out about this..

July 14 10:22 am
SUBURBAN HOUSEWIFE, NNJ escort who has been claiming to be 44 since 2006, and has recently been busted in NNJ. beware, she always bragged her buddies would warn her, but she was still too stupid to screen.

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